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High Gloss Wardrobe White With Mirror Sliding Doors – Marsylia 255cm


Features of Marsylia Grey Wardrobe:

  • high gloss finish wardrobe
  • Two size variants
  • One mirrored door
  • Soft-closing device
  • LED Light with European Plug (included)
  • Customizable interior (Optional)
  • Interior by Default
  • Huge Shelves storage
  • Stylish metal handles, metal runners and hinges.
  • Classic neutral colour to suit all decors

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The White High Gloss Wardrobe is the best option for customers seeking something grand for their bedrooms. Tender Sleep brings an exquisite wardrobe that bridges the gap between excellence and simplicity. The white high gloss wardrobe does that and more. Part of the high gloss design, these wardrobes imbue high fashion and luxury at every glance. To make sure that the wardrobe stands the test of time, a matte finish comes into play on the sides of the gloss wardrobes. The matte finish gets the job done where the normal finish fails.

The frame of Gloss Wardrobe Marsylia 255 cm:

The frame of the white high gloss wardrobe is of solid wood. Tender Sleep relies heavily on hardwood to bring highly durable and affordable home décor items for you and your family. This wood material is famous for improving the overall quality of the product with use. The other amazing factor is that the material comes with dust mite resistance, which is great where moisture plays a damaging role for many wooden products. To make sure that the wooden frame stands the test of time, stainless-steel struts come into play. These keep the structure intact and make the craftsmanship look truly spectacular.

Design of Gloss Wardrobe Marsylia 255 cm:

The design element of the white high gloss wardrobe brings traditional design and merges them with modern style. Synergy is key to why many customers prefer this wardrobe above all else. The simplicity that governs the white high gloss wardrobe correlates with the options it brings. The variations found in the wardrobe coupled with the customization given by Tender Sleep are the main reason why this is the best wardrobe for you. The gloss finish brings high fashion and opulence on a larger scale.

Variation of Gloss Wardrobe Marsylia 255 cm:

The varieties we offer for this kind of wardrobe are mostly split into colours and sizes. We offer the Marsylia wardrobe in two different sizes, 208 cm, and 255 cm respectively. At the same time, we also offer Marsylia in high gloss, white and black. The Grey wardrobe comes in a matte finish. These varieties are exclusively for our customers and will not find anywhere. Our word of advice matters more than any person, as we provide high-quality home décor items for affordable rates.

We can vote for that easily. To make sure that we keep the custom alive, we offer a free inspection of the mirrors that come with the wardrobe. This is purely done to give our customers absolute control over their investment. If, for any reason, the mirrors that arrive at your location are faulty, please call us as soon as possible. This vow is why customers like you keep coming for more, for which we are deeply grateful.

What comes standard for Gloss Wardrobe Marsylia 255 cm ?

Customers who invest in the white high gloss wardrobe will get the eccentric wooden frame. They will also get the three sliding mirror doors. The wardrobe can easily house almost all your essential and non-essential items without any issues. The white high gloss wardrobe comes with seven shelves, two hanging rails, three drawers and three sliding doors. All these items come as standard, and you don’t have to pay extra. The LED that you see in the pictures comes built-in to this wardrobe. The LED comes with a European plug.

An exclusive by Tender Sleep. The light fixture helps customers navigate the wardrobe easily in the evening. This is the main reason why dressing up for a party has become so easy.

Finishing of Gloss Wardrobe Marsylia 255 cm:

Tender Sleep relies on a High Gloss finish to make this wardrobe bring the best of everything. The glossier finish is mostly cosmetic, but that is not the case here with this wardrobe. You can feel how High Gloss incorporates with the wardrobe and gives you a posh look. This is very odd for many customers, as most have a first impression that the wardrobe is expensive. That is not the case as by many standards as our home décor items are much cheaper in comparison to the market.

Marsylia Gloss Wardrobe Finishing:

The assembly of the white high gloss wardrobe is simple at best. This means you can get the wardrobe up and running in no time. Customers can also modify the wardrobe as per their requirements. You can add as many hanging rails as you want. Extra hanging rails by the prescribed hanging rails will cost you £20.

The count of shelves for the wardrobe is narrow and for that reason, we can’t offer more shelves than the prescribed one for the wardrobe. All drawers for the white high gloss wardrobe come with metallic handles for easy access. This is the same case for the sliding mirror doors.

Interior of Marsylia Gloss Wardrobe:

The High Gloss Wardrobe is the perfect space solution to satiate your shopping addiction. It comes in two different variants; you can choose from it according to your storage needs. The larger 255 cm version comes with three sliding doors – a mirror door in the middle surrounded by plain doors on either side. The three-compartment interior has a hanging metal rail in either side compartment, with three shelves in the middle compartment and three drawers below. That is not all, there are three upper shelves as well.

255 cm Marsylia Gloss wardrobe interior:

  • 3 Sliding Doors
  • Three Drawers
  • 2 Hanging rails
  • 6 Shelves

The mechanism for Gloss Wardrobe Marsylia 255 cm:

The mechanism to open the wardrobe is easy. Using a simple touch, customers can easily navigate the wardrobe. This is all due to the aluminium tracks helping the mirror’s door slide across the horizon seamlessly. This innovation does wonder for space and visibility. Swing wardrobe has the drawback of they require more space for functionality, whereas that drawback is not found with sliding wardrobes.

Maintenance of Gloss Wardrobe Marsylia 255 cm:

To properly maintain the wardrobe from all hazards, the best thing you can do is to use a microfiber cloth to wipe any finger touches on the mirror. For the aluminium track, the occasional use of oil helps the track do not lose focus. At the start, the sliding mirror door might be a little rough but with use, the doors will be more responsive.

The access to the white high gloss wardrobe is two-fold. Customers can access the wardrobe from the left-hand side as well as the right-hand side. The reachability of the wardrobe is also even. For shorter, customers may need to use a stepladder to reach the top compartments.

Additional Information:

Brand Tender Sleep
Colour White
Front 1 Mirror Door
Doors 3 x Sliding Mirror Doors
Handles Metallic
Lights LED lights with European Plug (included)
Finishing Glossy door finish and matte side panels
Material High-quality chipboard
Style Contemporary

Specifications of Marsylia Wardrobe:

  • Completely unassembled Wardrobe
  • Need Assembly
  • Delivered in Flatpack packaging
  • Include Instructions Manual
  • Without any support legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • 3 Sliding doors: 255 cm width x 225 cm height x 66 cm depth




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