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Sofa in a Box

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Features of Sofa in a Box:

  • Faux leather upholstery on a wooden frame
  • Exquisite colour
  • Full Black
  • Foam Seating
  • Wooden Legs
  • Foam-filled stitched cushions
  • Spring Seating


Sofa in a box is a high-quality and comfortable sofa. They can pass through narrow paths. Tender Sleep offers these compact beauties at affordable rates. This means that this furniture will fall way below your current budget. The perfect answer for a small space is the investment in this sofa. The synergy of the smooth fabric with comfortable seating is worth the price. Whereas the price is dirt cheap than anything else on the market. The Sofa in a box is making a comeback.

The frame of the Sofa in a box

The frame of the Sofa in a box is solid wood. Hardwood plays a critical role. It makes for a great foundation for this immaculate home décor. It provides the basis for comfortable seating The structure for the sofa is a low back sofa. Meaning it can provide comfort for you in ways you can’t imagine. This type of wood is perfect for these types of sofas. As they can provide long-lasting durability for no extra cost. At the same time, the use of stainless-steel components helps keep the whole frame intact. The simplicity of these materials help assembles the product in no time. Making it one of the best products in our range today.

The Design of Sofa in a box

The design element of the sofa in a box is kept simple. The uniqueness of the simplicity is how two great materials interact with each other. The faux leather upholstery and compact size bring the sofa to life. That is not all. Instead of relying on tuft upholstery, we take a different simple course. This helps keep the shape of the sofa square. The compact design with a modern setting sits the perfect answer for customers who are willing to revel in a change.

The benefits of choosing Sofa in a box

The benefits of investing in the sofa in a box are too many to name at the same time. But the most obvious is the compact size. Unlike other sofas in our range, this one can surely fit through narrow paths. The various other benefits include comfortable seating. The hardwood frame allows us to rely on a spring network. Which can provide long-lasting comfort that you can count upon. This being a low back sofa means that the cushion plays a critical role in providing support. And once the sofa in a box is placed right next to a wall it provides perfect support.

The smooth fabric helps transition you from a traditional to a modern setting. The wooden legs can keep the sofa in a box stationary. The assembly of this is less than 15 minutes in the hands of a professional. You do have the option to hire these professionals if feel you are not up to the task at hand. They will, however, charge you for their service. Tender Sleep has no affiliation whatsoever with these assemblers.

Why prefer the Sofa in a box?

The main reason why customers prefer the sofa in a box is because of its box shape. The edge that this sofa has over a normal sofa is the use of foam padding that you normally find in a mattress. The cushions come with padding that is great for chilling on the sofa. The hardwood frame with the spring network keeps the overall structure in a firm position. Tender Sleep offers the sofa in a box in two distinct varieties.

Easy assembly is one of the features that we are proud of. This means that the same way the sofa in a box is assembled can be disassembled. From a maintenance perspective, the ability to maintain the sofa is less pretentious. Using a vacuum cleaner is always handy. Tender Sleep suggests removing the cushions to clean for dust and rubbish. As always, please do not sit on the armrest.

The fabric for the Sofa is in a box

To make sure that the sofa in a box stands out from the competition. We rely upon faux leather upholstery. Leather is a premier fabric that every customer desires. That is why faux leather is the perfect tool for this type of sofa. It is superior to velvet in this regard that it resists all dust and dirt. Meaning from a maintenance perspective, the faux leather is king. This also puts you at ease that the cost to maintain the overall quality of the sofa is minimum. Tender Sleep recommends keeping the sofa in a box away from direct sunlight. Intense heat can cause the faux leather upholstery may cause the fabric to fade.

Black Sofa in a box

Currently, the sofa comes in the colour black. This type of colour has prime placement in the spectrum. At the same, the colour personifies authority and a formal view of things. The accent allows the sofa in a box to blend perfectly with contemporary designs. The use of bright colours can make a modern setting seem pleasing.

Combo offer

You can bring both the two-seater and the three-seater home in one of the lifetime deals. This combo offer is exclusive for this sofa type. This will not only save you time but money as well. As the exclusive offer is far cheaper than you can imagine. Since the sofa in a box is compact. Thus, this arrival to your home is feasible. The versatility of the product is due to the high-quality materials that come into play. As always, we wish to thank and appreciate you for choosing us. Your admiration for our products has no bounds. We at Tender Sleep make sure that we provide you with the best products and services for you and your family.


Brand Tender Sleep
Colour Black
Sofa Type Contemporary
Material Faux leather
Legs Wooden feet
Seat Filling Foam filling
Cushion Filling High-quality fibre


  • Made up of solid wood
  • Faux Leather upholstery
  • Comfortable seats with high arms
  • Solid wooden feet
  • Luxury foam seating pads
  • Stylish Modern Design
  • Durable
  • Easy self-Assembly


  • 3 seaters: W=175cm, D=87cm, H=85cm
  • 2 seaters: W=130cm, D=87cm, H=85cm

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  1. Jodie Jones (verified owner)

    Well packaged box sofa, really lives up to its name.

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