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King Size Divan Bed with Mattress



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The King Size Divan bed with mattress is enigmatic. This bed personifies tradition with modern designs. The synergy between the two is one of the reasons why this bed type is desired so much. The divan type of bed frame is common in the market today. The value and the options that Tender Sleep offers are what separates us from everyone else. Unlike many other retailers, we rely upon high-quality materials to bring you a bed frame that has comfort written all over it. That is not all, Our King Size Divan bed is the ultimate answer to a complete bed.

The Frame of King Size Divan Bed with Mattress

The frame of the King Size Divan Bed is of solid wood. Tender Sleep relies on the hardwood. This is a special type of wood for this purpose. Normally, many craftsmen use MDF to build the foundation. The Divan bed frame comes with two bases that join together to form a single bed frame. The bases come with a box spring. This is a special type of spring network that can cushion the pressure. The two bases are connected using q-clips. These help keep the whole bed frame intact. Chrome legs with link bars are added at the end to ensure the stability of the complete bed frame.

Why is the design of the bed spectacular?

The design of the king-size divan bed with mattress is pure bliss. Using the traditional design of basic comfort and adding various attachments to enhance the experience. These options help further the cause of your bed. By making it a multi-purpose complete bed. The addition of a fabric headboard elevates the overall value of the divan bed. It also prevents abrasion. At the same time, the fabric headboard can provide support. Customers also get the opportunity to add drawers to their king size divan bed They can either add two or four drawers depending upon their clutter.  All options that are added to the bed do not diminish the sole purpose of the bed frame. Which is comfort.

What benefits do you get for owning this bed?

The benefits of owning a king size divan bed mattress are remarkable. The design of the bed makes the whole affair compact. It can easily fit any room and the two bases allow it to be set up without any issues. The time to assemble the king size divan bed is much less. This means it will not be a challenge for you. The box-spring bases help elevate the comfort level and with the addition of the mattress, you can experience serene sleep as well. The addition of attachment enhances your experience.  The key benefit of owning a king size divan bed with a mattress is the price. Compared with the market, Tender Sleep’s King Size Divan beds are much cheaper than you can imagine.  This is due to the part that we buy in bulk.

The Features of King Size Divan Bed with Mattress

The features of a King Size Divan Bed with a mattress are exquisite in every way possible. To make sure that they long longer than they should, we rely on high-quality components. These include the use of stainless-steel components that keep the divan bases at bay. The entry of q-clips inside the base keeps the whole bed frame intact. Many retailers rely upon using these on the outside of the bases. But that is not the case with our products. We use them inside the bases. This way the craftsmanship of the divan bed speaks volumes. To make the divan bed stand out from the rest we give customers the choice of either using rubber wheels or chrome legs with link bars. The latter carries no additional cost.

Why is this bed feasible?

The king-size divan bed with mattress might seem like a combo offer, but that is not the case. Instead, the mattress that you receive will be semi-orthopaedic. You do get the choice to choose a different mattress if you feel the orthopaedic mattress does not live to your standard. Receiving both the bed frame and the mattress at the same time is a desirable outcome for our customers. You get to enjoy serene sleep without any issues. The king-size divan bed with mattress can easily accommodate two people. Access to the bed frame is also variable.


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