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Bunk Bed with Trundle


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Everyone needs storage. That is given. Even children require storage to store their toys. That is why the bunk bed with trundle is a perfect solution. They offer you the opportunity to store items. At the same time, you can use the trundle as an under-bed if you desire. This bunk bed can accommodate up to three persons. The strong frame coupled with lavish colours is what makes this a remarkable bed. The inclusion of a mattress gives you a complete bed. Tender Sleep offers the bunk bed with trundle in two colours. Grey and White.

The frame of the bunk bed with trundle

The frame of the bunk bed with trundle is of hardwood. We rely on beech wood for the construction of this glorious bed frame. As you know, beechwood is well-known for its durability. It provides strength in numbers. The bed frame also includes wooden mattress slats. Solid slats are perfect for improving the breathability of the mattress. The air vents in our mattress do wonders. It provides relief by removing excess heat and comfortable sleep.

Why hardwood?

The beechwood comes in a natural finish. We rely on stainless-steel components to complete the bed. This keeps the whole bunk bed intact. It can withstand all the weight you can muster. Keep in mind the bunk bed is not a toy. The ladder and the composite panels are also beech wood. It is a thin delicate wood. It offers sturdier support when combined. The synergy of both beechwood and stainless steel boosts the complete performance of the bunk bed with trundle.

The design of a bunk bed with a trundle

The design of the bunk bed with trundle is fairly simple. It brings traditional aesthetics to a modern setting. The inclusion of beech wood is the driving force. Hardwood plays a critical role in bringing high quality to a traditional bunk bed design. Solid slats are perfect for these types of bed frames. The ladder provides you with necessary access to the top bunk. The trundle allows you to store your items. It can also double as a single bed if you desire. The trundle min question comes with wheels for easier access. It sits perfectly under the bottom bed. The concept of the trundle is that it can be split into two single beds and one under the bed.

The benefits of bunk bed with Trundle

The benefits of having a bunk bed with trundle are vast. The beech hardwood bed frame provides improved performance and strength to the whole construction of the bed frame.  The grey and white give a durable paint finish. Wooden mattress slats can house single mattresses with ease. They’re also able to withstand any pressure you might put on them. The stainless-steel components keep the full bed frame in pristine condition. The ladder with wide treads allows for easier access to the top bunk. The safety guard rails on the top bunk prevent the mattress and also the sleeper from falling. The trundle comes with wheels for manoeuvring. Storage units can be used as a single bed if you desire.

Colours for bunk bed with trundle.

The bunk bed with trundle by Tender Sleep comes in two amazing colours. Grey and White.  These two are perfect in every way possible. They can blend in every home décor item you can imagine. The colour white is for fresh starts. Meaning that you paint the second coat of any colour that you desire. The smoothness of beech wood gives it an outlook of opulence. The colour grey is the default colour. This is enigmatic on the ground that it can blend easily with any room you place it in.  Grey personifies wisdom and intellect. The above image reflects how the colour grey sits with bright colours.

What do I get?

When you order this product, you will get the bunk bed frame, the slatted mattress base, the trundle, the ladder, safety guardrails, rubber wheels, composite panels and everything needed to assemble the bed. The instruction packet that comes with the bunk bed helps you do that in no time. If you desire that this might be a challenge for you, you can always avail of our assembly service. Keep in mind that there will be a charge.

Special offer for bunk bed with trundle.

Any person who orders the bunk bed with Trundle gets to avail of the special offer. This inclusion of the mattress in the order lessens the overall price of the package. Tender Sleep suggests that the semi-orthopaedic mattress is the suitable choice for these glorious bed frames. But the end choice is yours. Keep in mind that the size of the mattress will be single. By adding both the mattress and bed frame to order. You not only save time but money as well. Furthermore, both the items will arrive at your location at the same time. As always, we request you to provide us with your complete location details. Failing to do so will lead to delays in your order.


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