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Single Divan Bed with Mattress – Storage – Headboard

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The Single Divan bed with mattress is a great option for customers who are on a tight budget. This type of bed frame merges a simple design with a modern setting. This divan bed type is common in the UK markets. It is due to the part that it is easy to manufacture and assemble. Moreover, the bed with a mattress bring elegance by providing you with options. These options add flair and enhance the overall experience.

The Frame of the Single Divan Bed

The Frame of the Single Divan with the mattress is solid. To make sure that the bed stands the test of time we rely on the hardwood. This type of wood is great for these simple-minded beds. It enhances the overall experience. For the divan bed frame, the box-spring bases come into play. These bases come in parts and join together to form the divan bed frame. The spring network present inside the bases cushions the pressure.

The Design of Single Divan Bed

The design of this bed is basic. It merges and provides synergy between traditional and modern outlooks. This divan bed with mattress is what customers prefer in a budget bed type. To enhance the style of the bed, Tender Sleep offers this bed in three distinct colours. These are Black, White, and Grey. All these colours bring subtle touches of design and aesthetics to your room.

The options for the Single Bed with Mattress

Customers who invest in the divan bed with mattress will get the opportunity to add additional attachments. These include the use of drawers to maximize the storage capacity. The headboard makes this a complete set and helps lessen abrasion in the room. The fabric headboard looks remarkable. By default, the single divan bed come with a Semi-orthopaedic mattress. But you can choose a different mattress from the drop-down menu.

The Divan Bed Provides Comfort and looks Luxurious

The Divan Bed is not comfortable but also exudes luxury. Not only the mattress proved to be soft and comfy to everyone but it gives a look of luxury to the room. It is designed to provide a good night’s sleep. In case you are tired and exhausted you can instantly fall asleep after lying down on the soft cushiony surface. You can decorate the Divan bed with pillows and cushions to give an extraordinary look. It blends well with any kind of bedroom. Whether the bedroom belongs to a male or a female. The comfort is doubled after a tiring day.

The Size and Storage Space of the Divan Bed

The reasonable size of the Divan bed with mattress makes it easily adjustable to any room whether large or small. The shape is also built in such a way that it can hold two storage drawers underneath the mattress. The storage drawers in turn can help to save bed sheets or accessories of the room. It can hold many other things like a comforter or some upholstery. Anything that can fit inside the storage drawers might help to store the necessary items. It is a blessing for households that require extra space to store things.

The Divan Bed with Mattress Complies with the Safety Standards

The safety of customers is put on top while manufacturing every item of furniture. The Divan bed with mattress complies with the safety standards of manufacturing furniture. It is made of wood that is strong enough to sustain two people. The mattress has been designed in such a way that can last as long as a period of ten years. It will not lose the shape or compromise the comfort of the buyer. It will remain strong and comfortable for as long as it is used by the buyers. The safety of the buyer is kept as a priority and every piece of furniture is manufactured accordingly. There is no need to worry about the standards of safety followed by the company.

The Nice Upholstery with The Movable Wheels

The nice and smooth upholstery creates magic with the Divan Bed. It has an elegant look which makes an impression on the buyer. The movable wheels make the Divan bed easier to move and change its location whenever desired. It is easier to move and locate to a new place because it can be wheeled anywhere. The movable wheels make it a favourite for many, as it gives more access to the buyer. For kid’s room the bed is an excellent addition. It can be moved to any place and can save toys in the storage space. The comfy mattress will make the kids sleep with ease.

The Headboard and Mattress Can Be Selected

The Headboard can be easily selected according to your choice. The Divan Bed comes with a headboard of different types. It can be selected to match your room or home decor. The mattress can also be selected to your choice. Either it is a soft spring mattress or a regular mattress it depends upon the buyer. The buyer can also choose the Divan bed without a mattress. The size of the bed complies with that of single beds so, mattresses of single beds can easily be placed on the Divan bed.

It can be concluded here to say that the Divan bed comes with a whole package, sure to make the buyer impressed by the features of the Divan bed. It is a must for households that look for something compact, comfortable and elegant at the same time.

What do we get when you order the Single Divan bed with mattress?

You will receive the two divan bases, chrome legs with link bars, mattress, q-clips to connect the bases and all the necessary things needed to assemble the bed frame. The assembly time for the single divan bed with mattress is clocked at less than 30 minutes in the hands of a pro. If you feel that assembling this bed frame is a challenge you can always opt-in with our third-party fitters. They will get the job done but carry an additional charge.

The colour variation for the Single Divan bed with mattress

Currently, Tender Sleep sells a Divan beds with mattress in the colour black, white and grey. The colour grey is great as it imposes intelligence and wisdom. This type of colour can blend easily with any style you might have in mind. The colour black brings authority to your bedroom whereas the colour white is famous for new starts.

Additional Information:

Brand Tender Sleep
Colour Black, White, and Grey
Legs Wheels (Included) – Chrome Legs (Optional)
Upholstery Fabric
Headboard Included
Mattress Included
Style Modern
Material Fabric

Features of Single Divan Bed:

  • The most customizable bed with an optional mattress.
  • Option to choose mattress and headboard
  • Entails Solid Covered Chipboard Base Sides
  • Veneer Lined Inner Body and Floor
  • Built with a high-quality chipboard base
  • Option to add 2 base storage Drawers

Specifications of Single Bed with Mattress:

  • Option to add 2 Drawers
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant



  • A Headboard Height: 50.8 cm
  • B Base Height:
  1. With drawers: 58.4 cm
  2. Without drawers: 53.3 cm

Single Bed Frame:

  • C Length: (190 cm)
  • D Width: (90 cm)

Single Mattress Size: (90 cm x 190 cm)


2 reviews for Single Divan Bed with Mattress – Storage – Headboard

  1. Raquel Santos

    I ordered a small double divan bed with mattress from Tender Sleep. I wanna thanks the delivery guy as I changed my delivery slot at the last moment. The support team eagerly accommodated me and the delivery guy who delivered the bed right in my room. You guys were awesome.

  2. Inga Rutkauskiene

    Second time have been ordering furniture from this shop, the bed is very nice and good, customer service the best, any question was respond and explain properly, thanks
    Definitely will order from this shop again

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