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Black 2 Door Sliding High Gloss Wardrobe with Drawers – 208cm Marsylia

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The High Gloss Wardrobe is the ultimate storage solution for customers who are in desperate need of space. As the title suggests, our wardrobe comes with a  high gloss finish. Thus making it a perfect high gloss wardrobe for your spaces. This type of wardrobe is perfect for customers looking to bring something extravagant to their bedroom. Having a high gloss wardrobe is not only a blessing but also lessens clutter. The aesthetic appeal of the Marsylia wardrobe is one of many reasons why customers prefer this product. Currently, the wardrobe comes in a mesmerizing colour black. 

High Gloss Wardrobe:

The Marsylia wardrobe comes with black panels and glossy doors. The High Gloss Wardrobe is of high-quality material. It features 2 sliding doors for easier access. The high gloss wardrobe also features a sliding door mechanism. This helps increase the ease of access. The sliding mechanism is one of the key takeaways why you will want this product in your bedroom. The structure of this wardrobe speaks volumes for its basic design and added functionality. It comes in a free-standing option. This suggests it will stand on its own. To bring a sense of modern aesthetics to this wardrobe, a LED light is also included with the wardrobe order. The LED is PNP and comes with a simple European inlet. (PNP stands for Plug and Play)

Interior of High Gloss Wardrobe:

The wardrobe’s interior complements, making sure you can easily store all your items. It also comes in a 255 cm variant. The 208 cm comes with two sliding doors – a mirror door and a plain door. By default, the high gloss wardrobe comes with 7 shelves. It also includes two bottom drawers and to top it off it comes with two hanging rails. The drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe will be able to house all your essential and non-essential items.

208 cm wardrobe contains:

  • 2 Sliding Doors
  • Two Drawers
  • Two Hanging rails
  • 7 Shelves

Sliding Doors of High Gloss Wardrobe:

The accessibility for the high gloss wardrobe is Maximum. This is achieved by installing a track to the bottom of the doors. This helps the doors to glide across without any issues. That door will be brought at the start, but with time and use, it will become more responsive. The addition of these components lessens the maintenance cost as well as allow you to access the wardrobe without any hurdles. Unlike fitted wardrobes, this is one of the reasons why many customers prefer sliding door wardrobes. If for some reason you feel the doors have become rough to slide across, a little oiling will buff that out. The addition of a mirror to the door is a lifesaver. And with the top LED, even pitch-black darkness will not be able to stop you.

LED Light:

The Marsylia wardrobe comes with LED light by default. The lighting improves the look and feel of the wardrobe and allows you to access your wardrobe at night without any trouble. No longer are you required to switch on the light of the entire room to access your wardrobe, you can just use the LED light of the Black high gloss wardrobe.

Brand New Flat-Packed:

The Marsylia wardrobe comes flat-packaging. You can either use our instructions manual to assemble or avail the assembly services of Tender Sleep to get the wardrobe assembled for you. Assembly charges may apply. And the assembler will be a third party. Before ordering, do make sure you have the space and the room. Tender Sleep takes great pride in offering affordable home decor furniture and has been doing so for some time. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your appreciation.

Cheap High Gloss Wardrobe:

Investing in a dirt-cheap high gloss wardrobe is not only the best choice but the feasible one as well. Tender Sleep sell  High Gloss wardrobe at dirt cheap prices. Affordability is something every customer desires. And that is what Tender Sleep offers without a hitch. The style and the design of the High gloss wardrobe are immaculate. The wardrobe might look bulky in the images, but that is not the case.  It is of variable size, and it offers ample storage choice for your belongings. The one side panel mirror is truly what makes this a masterpiece.

This kind of dirt-cheap high gloss wardrobe is perfect for medium to large rooms. The free-standing is off the scale. And at the same time. The added LED illuminates the whole room. To make matters more elegant, metallic handles also come into play for this cheap high gloss wardrobe. The metallic handles allow you to access the storage without any issues. The gliding mechanism might be a little rough at the start but with use, it will become more responsive. Tender Sleep has gone to great lengths to bring perfection into your bedroom.

Additional Information:

Brand Tender Sleep
Colour Black
Front 1 Mirror Door
Doors Sliding Mirror Doors
Handles Metallic
Lights LED lights with European Plug (included)
Finishing Glossy door finish and black side panels
Material High-quality chipboard
Style Contemporary

Features of High Gloss Marsylia Wardrobe:

  • High gloss door finish
  • Black Side panels
  • Two size variants
  • One mirrored door
  • Soft-closing device
  • LED Light with European Plug (included)
  • Customizable interior (Optional)
  • Interior by Default
  • Huge Shelves storage

Specifications of High Gloss Wardrobe:

  • Completely unassembled Wardrobe
  • Arrives in Flatpack packaging
  • Includes Instructions Manual
  • Without any support legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • 2 Sliding doors: 208 cm width x 225 cm height x 66 cm depth


4 reviews for Black 2 Door Sliding High Gloss Wardrobe with Drawers – 208cm Marsylia

  1. Joe Reynolds

    I ordered marsylia wardrobe from tender sleep furniture and i liked it. there is enough storage for my cloths and also improved the look of my home décor. Recommended for everyone to purchase one for the upcoming Christmas.

  2. Andy (verified owner)

    I bought this amazing marsylia wardrobe, loved its quality and storage space. Searched this wardrobe all over and here I get it at most affordable rates. Highly recommended!

  3. Meisie Tjaronda

    I bought a wardrobe from tender sleep it’s very beautiful, high quality,enough space for my clothes and most of my bedroom looks very unique with it. Highly recommended 👌

  4. Eric Glockner (verified owner)

    Just received the Marsylia Wardrobe, excellent value for money. I didn’t expect the quality to be as good as it is! 100% recommended. Free next day delivery is brilliant however you are not given an estimated time so it could be anytime in 12 hours! Highly satisfied with their services.

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