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Grey Wardrobe 3 Door Mirror Sliding Marsylia 255cm


Features of Marsylia Grey Wardrobe:

  • Matte finish wardrobe
  • Two size variants
  • One mirrored door
  • Soft-closing device
  • LED Light with European Plug (included)
  • Customizable interior (Optional)
  • Interior by Default
  • Huge Shelves storage
  • Stylish metal handles, metal runners and hinges.
  • Classic neutral colour to suit all decors

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The Grey Wardrobe 3 door Mirror Sliding Marsylia 255 cm is the perfect answer for customers looking for an enigmatic wardrobe. The grey wardrobe is the perfect home décor item. It brings elegance and a smooth design element to your bedroom. The main reason that makes this wardrobe separate from the other pieces in the collection is the finish. Tender Sleep relies on a matte finish to bring this wardrobe to life. The colour grey is the other reason why many customers prefer this wardrobe. It can easily blend in almost all décor without any issues.

The frame of the 3 door Mirror Sliding Marsylia 255 cm

The frame of the grey wardrobe is of solid wood. We rely on using hardwood materials as they are the go-to materials for durability and strength. Hardwood has been part of British tradition for more than two centuries. Many customers prefer these materials as they are perfect for maintaining their home décor possessions.

Unlike other wardrobes in the market, our are the best for the affordability and the value for money they offer. We spent a significant amount of money in bringing you items that are masterpieces for your home. To make sure that all items that you order from us stand the test of time, we rely on stainless-steel struts that help reinforce the shape of all the home décor items.

Design of the 3 door Mirror Sliding Marsylia 255 cm

The design of the grey wardrobe is imaginative. We rely on simplicity and soft appeal to bring life into the wardrobe. These traits are by many the best in the world. Traits such as these help customers to make the right choice, but a definitive one as well. That is why all our extravagant collections focus on home choice, decor items that are perfect for your home. From our majestic bed frames to our ever-lasting sofa set.

 Every item in our collection is to bring warmth and freedom to your lives. The design element of the grey wardrobe bridges the gap between traditional and modern styles. Our designs innovate the wardrobe by bringing items that are cheaper than other retailers.

Working of the 3 door Mirror Sliding Marsylia 255 cm

To make sure that the sliding doors do not experience any hindrance, we rely on an aluminium track for smooth sailing. These tracks help keep the sliding door for easy access. The door will be rough at the start but with use eventually, the sliding door will be more responsive. To make sure to maintain your new investment, oiling the track eventually will help keep the working of the grey wardrobe flawless.

Variation of the 3 door Mirror Sliding Marsylia 255 cm

The variation for the grey wardrobe is 208 cm and 255 cm. The grey wardrobe in 208 cm comes with six shelves and two drawers, whereas the majestic 255 cm comes with seven shelves and three drawers. A gigantic increase from the former. Unlike the other collection which comes exclusively in a high gloss finish, this wardrobe comes in a matte finish.

Matte finish is the basic finish and many customers prefer this finish if they want to bring subtlety inside their rooms. Unlike other retailers whose sole purpose is to deliver the items, we, on the other hand, provide after-sales service that no other retailers value.

For example, Tender Sleep is the only company that offers first-hand inspection of its sliding mirror wardrobes. Customers whilst inspecting the mirrors feel that they have any fault, then customers cannot accept the delivery. We would gladly inspect our products and deliver you the one that meets your requirements.

What comes standard for 3 doors Mirror Sliding Marsylia 255 cm?

Customers who invest in the grey wardrobe get the wooden frame with seven shelves as standard. The shelves are limited to the wardrobe, meaning you will get the same number of shelves. If you want to improve your shelves space you need to invest in another wardrobe as we don’t allow selling the shelves separately.

At the same time, customers will also get three drawers and two hanging rails. One mirror and three sliding doors will also come in the package. To top it off, an LED also arrives, so your nights are with excellence. If customers are interested in adding more hanging rails to the grey wardrobe, they will cost you £20 apiece. Other than that, everything else will be included in the wardrobe.

Assembly of the 3 door Mirror Sliding Marsylia 255 cm

The assembly of the grey wardrobe is simple at best. Just like the other two variations, customers can easily assemble their grey wardrobes in no time. This is because tender sleep relies on simple components. 

Additional Information:

Brand Tender Sleep
Colour Black, White & Matte: Grey
Front 1 Mirror Door
Doors Sliding Mirror Doors
Handles Metal
Lights LED lights with European Plug (included)
Finishing Glossy door finish and matte side panels
Material High-quality chipboard
Style Contemporary

Specifications of Marsylia Wardrobe:

  • Completely unassembled Wardrobe
  • Delivered in Flatpack pieces
  • Include Instructions Manual
  • Without any support legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • 3 Sliding doors: 255 cm width x 225 cm height x 66 cm depth



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