Product Assembly

While investing in quality furniture items, you must ensure that quality remains through the build. If you don’t have enough time or else you don’t feel confident to build your Flat-Pack furniture, then our assembly team will be more than happy to help you. We are offering third-party assembly services to our customers. First you will get the product delivered at your place and then next day or after a few hours highly trained assembly team members will come to assemble your furniture.


  • Parking space for our delivery van
  • Complete address of your home or flat
  • Parking permit (if necessary)


  • Just relax, do your work and let the assembly guy do his work.
  • You can save time and stress with our experts to get the furniture in perfect condition.


All the Assembly charges are shown below, including VAT.

Furniture Items Assembly Charges £
Divan Bed (Crushed/Fabric) All sizes £20
Normal Leather Bed (All sizes)
Normal Crushed Velvet/Plush Velvet Beds
Sofas 3+2 & corner
Leather Storage Bed (All Sizes)
Storage Crushed Velvet/Plush Velvet Beds
Berlin Wardrobe 120 cm
All Metal or Wooden Bunk Beds (Single / Trio)
Berlin wardrobe 150 cm
Berlin wardrobe 180 cm
Berlin wardrobe 203 cm
Berlin wardrobe 250 cm £80
Marsylia Wardrobe 208 cm
Alina Bedroom Set
Marsylia Wardrobe 255 cm £120


How do I arrange an assembly?

If you want to arrange an assembly for the furniture item you bought from us, then contact us on 0208 004 9409. Just remember, we are providing assembly services in London Only. We are offering 3rd party assembly services to our customers.

What happens on the day of the assembly?
You will be given a specific time slot in the morning or evening from a specified day. Our Assembly team will contact you before the arrival to inform you about the estimated arrival time. You will be charged on the day of the assembly.
How long will it take to build my furniture?
You will be informed about the time period required to build the furniture, when booking the assembly date.
How much space do you need?

Here are a few things that you must consider before committing to an assembly service:

We deliver all the wardrobes in flat packing, to assemble it you should know about wall fixtures, radiators, light fittings, shelves, handrails, door handles, ceiling height, windowsills, access to the room etc. Our wardrobes are free-standing and extra space is required for assembly.

Please ensure there is extra space present on both sides of the wardrobe that must be at least 20 m. It will help you to easily assemble the wardrobe. When an assembly date has been agreed with our delivery department, but the assembly cannot go ahead for reasons where the customer is at fault (insufficient space, room not prepared, customer unavailable), we reserve the right to charge the customer the full assembly fee.

Will you take away old furniture?

No, we do not take old furniture, you will be asked to clear all work areas before we deliver the product to your home. It will give us enough space to place or assemble the product as soon as possible.